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Is someone you know in ICE/DHS custody?

Do you have the money or cash to
pay for an Immigration Bond?

DO NOT give your money to ICE!

For ONLY $295 + the amount of the bond you will have the convenience, security and personal representation from the most trusted experts in Immigration Bond services for over 43 years, Action Immigration Bonds and Insurances Services, Inc.

A Flat Fee Bond or also known as a Cash Bond is a great option if you have the money in full to pay for the release of a detainee.

A Flat Fee Bond or Cash Bond refers to the amount paid by the accused as a guarantee or collateral that they will not leave the country while the case is in trial. The accused is also required to be at all court hearings. If the accused adheres to the terms and the case is completed or closed, your refund becomes available sometime after the close of the trial.

Due to the lack of information and cooperation ICE/DHS provides, it can be extremely inconvenient an difficult to pay the bond in the first place and even more difficult to get your money back, if at all.

The Immigration Bond Experts at Action provide:

  • 24 Hour Assistance
  • All Services To Pay Bond
  • Time Saving Convenience
  • English & Spanish Advisors
  • Service In Every State
  • Your Money Back 48 Hours of Canceled Bond
Immigration Cash Bonds

7 REASONS Why You SHOULD NOT Give Your Money to
ICE - US Immigration and Customs Enforcement:

1. You will be giving your money directly to the institution that is trying to deport you!
Action Immigration Bonds DOES NOT give your money to DHS. By working through an insurance company, we simply guarantee the government that we will pay them ONLY IF the bonded alien fails to appear for any of their immigration proceedings. Your money is safe and is being protected by the company that is working for you!

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Immigration Cash Bonds